Une robe pour la prière ??

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In this article I tell you why you need to have a prayer robe in your wardrobe...

Let us agree! To perform the prayer, there is no need for any particular clothing except that it must be loose and cover the entire body, except for the face and hands. I would like to specify this because I I already see some people commenting with thoughts like: “Whatever!! Do you need a special dress now to pray?” or even “It’s a BIDAAH!!, it’s not legislated…” etc etc….

With that said, I can now tell you about the so-called “Prayer Dress”. You will tell me: No need, any interior dress with a hijab on the head can do the trick. I was thinking the same thing until I tried on one of the prayer dresses sold on Chic & Modesty for less than €20 . I will give you 3 arguments that will ultimately convince you:

1- You are sure to respect the rules of Muslim women's dress for prayer.

2- Very practical because the hijab is integrated, it is also quick to put on and the material is very comfortable. Please note that you will not need to iron it after washing because the fabric does not need ironing.

3- An outfit dedicated to prayer remains clean because it is only worn during prayer and therefore not soiled during household chores or meal preparation (Special Dedication to housewives ♥️♥️ ).

The approaching Ramadan can be a new beginning for some people. (May Allah keep them in his good guidance throughout the year), You can wear the prayer dress throughout the year and not only during the holy month of Ramadan.

So! I think I've said just about everything on the subject. I'll let you make up your own mind with the video below.

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