The trendy sportswear style:

The sportswear style is booming at the moment and Muslim women are adopting it more and more. Young Muslim girls in search of modesty and fashion are fans of this modern style. This style pleases for its oversized and loose cuts that allow you to be fashionable while being modest. Basic sportswear is aimed at women who practice sport but nowadays this is no longer the case many young Muslim girls and women adopt this comfortable and practical style for everyday life.

The athletic Muslim woman:

Muslim women, like all women and young girls, practice sport. These women are looking for clothes for sports, comfortable and loose to cover the shapes while ensuring freedom of movement.

The sporty veiled woman will find a wide selection of mastour sportswear on your Chic and modesty online store. A ready-to-wear collection adapted with cotton and other fabrics. Breathable and lightweight materials for sports activities. Discover our new high-end brand sport wear SALAM made in Turkey.

Ready-to-wear sportswear:

Among these modest sportswear clothes we offer long and wide sports dresses very appreciated by Muslim women who want to combine trend and modesty. These casual style dresses are also appreciated by abaya enthusiasts. Just put on a pair of sneakers and you're ready to go. We offer you jogging sets with or without hood, wide pants, butterfly cut, long or mid-length, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets . You will also find the essential of sportswear, it is of course the sweatshirt. Long or mid-length sweatshirts , oversized and loose cuts, with or without a hood.

What hijab to wear for sport or sportswear style?

For sports or to complete your sportswear look, we recommend materials such as cotton and viscose. Jersey soft t hijabs will be perfect. You can also opt for our hoods to tie in viscose jersey only available at Chic and modesty. The hood to tie will hide your neck and your hair and allow you to move without it moving or hindering your movements. Jersey and viscose turbans are also practical.

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