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We are a ready-to-wear shop for Muslim women and who says Islam says hijab and khimar. We are therefore specialized in this field, the hijab in all its forms.

The hijab is an Islamic veil. It is part of the Muslim faith. It is an essential piece of the Muslim woman's wardrobe. You will find all kinds of fabrics adapted to different seasons and morphologies. We offer a multitude of colors for all your outfits. Hijabs with integrated cap , ready to tie , plain or printed.

Medina silk hijab:

You will find the darling of our customers, the hijab silk of medina which exists in cross version ready to tie, ready to tie simple and integrated cap . All our medina silk hijabs are our creations. The best Egyptian medina silk fabric on the market. Made in Turkey by Chic and modesty. Ideal for all seasons.

Chiffon Hijab:

We also offer for spring and summer the luxury muslin hijabs which are also our creations. Very light and fluid. We select the best quality fabric. Also available with integrated cap. Made in Turkey by chic and modesty.

Jersey hijab:

The timeless jersey hijab . We select the best fabrics in Turkey for you by chic and modesty. A fabric composed with viscose and elastane giving this stretchy and easily manageable fabric. That's why it's time appreciated, because it fits and stays perfectly in place and easily hugs all face shapes. Ideal for all seasons. We offer two different qualities: the thicker lux soft and the soft neither too thin nor too thick and very soft.

Hijab khimar:

The longest and widest hijab. Inspired by the jilbab cape, the burqa or the niqab. The khimar is easy to put on and wear, this Islamic veil has a headband to tie integrated into the veil. We offer it in several sizes, several fabrics and in different colors. In medina silk by chic and modesty made in Turkey, in light and crease-resistant jazz fabric then in ultra-shiny fabric for the summer.

satin hijab:

The most chic satin hijab , for all your occasions it will be perfect for your outfit.

Hijab premium sandy:

The premium sandy jersey hijab the top of the top! Incredible quality for this Chic and modesty creation made in Turkey. Ultra comfortable and stretchy fabric. The best of maintains. It is suitable for all face shapes. Ideal for autumn and winter some will wear it all year round because once adopted it will be very hard to part with it.

cotton hijab:

The cotton hijab is the ideal hijab for those who want to wear natural materials. Discover this creation by Chic and modesty made in Turkey in a 99% cotton fabric. To wear in all seasons.


There are many styles of turbans . It is intended for all Muslim women or not. It is very often used by working Muslim women who want to cover their hair. Because of the difficulty encountered in wearing the hijab in the mode of work, they opt for the turban. There are also women who love this very trendy style to wear with loose or hidden hair. We do not forget all the women of all origins who are suffering from cancer and who very often lose their hair, so we offer turbans designed in pleasant fabrics in order to facilitate this very difficult period. Unfortunately after chemo many women lose their hair and your Chic and modesty shop offers you different turbans to improve your daily life as much as possible and to allow you to cover your head while remaining feminine and pretty. You will find some ready to wear and others to tie. Plain and printed turbans. Discover our creations made in France and Turkey.

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