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The muslin hijab : what is muslin?

Chiffon is well known but there are many different fabrics and qualities. This fabric is known to be lightweight and breathable . Many love it for its elegance and fluidity. It is a synthetic fabric. It is the ideal hijab for the spring season and for the summer , it is the lightest hijab. The problem is that the majority of muslin hijabs are very transparent, some are unpleasant to wear and others stain easily. That's why if you're looking for quality you should beware of cheap hijabs that have nothing to do with lux chiffon hijabs like we offer. THE

Chic and modesty , your online store offers a wide choice and colors for the hijab lux muslin . We buy and manufacture in Turkey our own collections of hijabs. And that makes all the difference! We select the best quality of fabric , namely lux premium muslin , soft, the most opaque and of very good quality . The finish is perfect and of high quality, our hijabs are made in Turkey.

Discover all our models on our online store. We offer you lux chiffon hijabs of different types; simple, crossed, with integrated cap , to tie, turbans you will really appreciate. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to colours, we offer almost a hundred different colors and we renew our stocks all year round and each season to offer you ever more trendy colours. For the lightest colors we advise you to wear a hat or balaclava to ensure optimal opacity. If your hair is very slippery, wear a hijab or opt for the integrated cap version.

What outfit to wear my lux chiffon hijab with?

In view of its lightness, the hijab lux chiffon is the ideal hijab to wear with all your spring and summer outfits : set, dress, abaya, skirt, pantaskirt and palazzo. The muslin hijab lux will allow you to spend lighter holidays during the hot seasons when wearing the hijab can be difficult if you do not wear a suitable scarf. You can also wear it with your party outfits because it is fluid and silky which will bring elegance to your outfit.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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