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The prayer dress for Muslim women

There is no typical prayer dress for this unique rendezvous between the woman and her lord. We must, during these 5 daily prayers, present ourselves in an outfit such as a dress, abaya or jilbab. A prayer robe should be comfortable, long and wide. It must not mark the forms and must let us make our movements without embarrassment. The fabric should be opaque. We must also draw our veil over our heads and chests. The dress should be long-sleeved and loose-fitting as well.

Chic and modesty prayer dress

For this celebration which is prayer, we offer you different models dedicated to prayer. As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, we offer you new models of prayer dresses . A practical outfit that will allow you to feel good during your prayer.

However, it is essential to attach great importance to the dress in which we present ourselves before our lord. In reality, prayers are the most important appointments of the day for Muslims and we must honor them as we do for professional appointments for example.

This is why, in order to facilitate the daily life of our sisters, we offer you practical outfits , quick to put on and at an affordable price ! You can discover our range of prayer dresses. You can also choose one of our jilbabs in medina or jazz silk. The jilbab is very popular for prayer because it is easy to put on and fully respects the legislated dress.

Woman and girl prayer dress:

Create a mother-daughter duo with our prayer dress patterns for little girl and young girl. Ideal to start the salat or to go to the mosque.

The prayer dress is an excellent idea for a gift to offer or to offer yourself for Eid or for Ramadan .

Shipping and returns are free at Chic and modesty so take advantage of it.

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