The Kimono Abaya

It is a very fashionable overcoat usually worn by Muslim women veiled or not. The long kimono brings an elegant, slender and refined look to your outfit, while remaining chubby and modest, it is a must-have in the wardrobe of the modern Muslim woman .

It can be worn open or closed, with or without a belt. The kimono can be adorned with embroidery, rhinestones or more refined simple with a basic cut for everyday life.
The abaya kimono is available in several materials and colors for all styles with different cuts such as butterfly farasha, there is something for all budgets. The abaya kimono adapts to all body types and elegantly and subtly hides your shapes.

When to wear the kimono?

The abaya kimono adapts to all your accasions and everyday life. For a casual look you can wear it with a pair of sneakers and a lux soft jersey hijab or a premium sandy hijab. Over a dress or abaya but also with a set and even jeans.

For special occasions, the long kimono is also perfect because it gives you a lot of allure. Wear a nice pair of shoes dressed with a medina silk hijab, satin hijab or with a holiday hijab . You will have understood that there are a multitude of ways to wear it. There are plenty of occasions and events to wear a kimono.

Why buy your kimono abaya on Chic and modesty?

Chic and modesty, your online store for Muslim women has become a benchmark in Muslim ready-to-wear and we are constantly offering you new models. We use quality fabrics such as medina silk to offer you exceptional pieces. We do our best to offer you reasonable and accessible prices. With a constantly renewed stock, we make sure to never be out of stock in order to best satisfy our customers. Take advantage now of free delivery and returns with no minimum purchase.

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