Pants and top set

Pants and top set for women:

Chic and modesty offers you a wide choice of top and trouser sets, suitable for all body types depending on the season.

You can wear a mesh or knit top and pants set for the cold weather. For mid-season we also offer suitable fabrics and for summer we have a wide choice of outfits designed in light and shiny fabric.

The set is usually composed of two matching pieces, which makes it easier to choose your outfit. More recently, we offer 3-piece sets as well. We offer you different cuts and with different lengths to satisfy you.

For women who want to hide their shapes, opt for wide sets and oversized cuts with wide palazzo type pants.

We invite you to discover the whole of this range on our Chic and modesty online store in the top pants set category.

How to wear my high pants set?

The high pants set is worn for everyday life and is very practical because it makes it easier to choose your outfit. All you have to do is choose a hijab and a pair of shoes and your outfit is done.

For knit and knit winter sets, we advise you to wear a long cardigan or coat with them. For a simple and practical casual style, we recommend a jersey hijab with a pair of sneakers. Very trendy and modern, many young women adopt this look on a daily basis. For a more classy style you can wear it with ankle boots or dress shoes with a medina silk hijab or a premium sandy jersey hijab.

For spring summer sets there is a wide choice. Many women opt for sets this season because it is practical and trendy. During the hot weather we look for large and oversized sets in a fluid and light fabric while being opaque. Chic and modesty for what you need! go to the category together. For a casual look we recommend a muslin hijab and to finish a pair of sandals or sneakers. For a more classy style, the medina silk hijab and the luxury muslin will be perfect with a nice pair of shoes, a nice little bag and why not a nice hat.

For sportswomen and fans of sportswear , we also have top trouser sets to discover in the sportswear category.

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