The khimar: Chic and modesty

The khimar is a veil to wear with a wide abaya for a modest outfit. The essential of the mastour dressing room. Halfway between the hijab and the jilbab, the khimar has an integrated cap. It is therefore easy to put on. The khimar is a trendy piece. Its aesthetic is unparalleled. This veil can also be worn as a niqab by pulling the fabric up over the nose. The khimar has an integrated headband to tie that simply attaches behind the neck, under the khimar or over it according to your desire. Chic and modesty offers several lengths and several types of fabrics, available in several colors.

How to choose your khimar?

The length of the khimar is the first criterion to take into account. Between the jilbab and the hijab, the khimar can be declined in several lengths. Depending on the desired rendering, choose a long or very long khimar . Double veil or single veil. The opening of the neck is also important because depending on your head size you will have to choose more or less wide models, you will have this information on each product description.

The khimar is either cut in a point or in the round. The most common is the pointed one which gives an extra touch to your outfit. You can find lots of different fabrics. We have selected the best fabrics for you: Medina silk, jazz and ultra fluid and light fabric that is similar to Medina silk.

The fabric of the khimar plays on the rendering and the opaque character of your sail. Choose a khimar in a quality fabric, the jazz fabric, for example, is a fabric that wrinkles with difficulty. A jazz khimar will therefore be particularly practical, in addition to being easy to put on. Chic and modesty chooses the best who come from Egypt and Turkey for the silk of medina, from Turkey for the majority of the jazz. There are many cheap khimar on the market but we have chosen to offer you impeccable quality and finish.

The most common are khimars in fluid and pleasant Medina silk , or else in light fabric such as our double veil khimars , made in a fluid and light fabric. You also have models in muslin, often they are made up of several veils to guarantee satisfactory opacity. You also have the microfiber khimars.

For colors, your Chic and modesty online store offers a multitude of colors. Note on the white color there will always be a slight transparency.

With what to wear the khimar?

The khimar can be worn with an abaya as well as with a long dress. A wide, butterfly or flared cut will go perfectly with your khimar.

For future mothers, we offer breastfeeding abayas and dresses. Indeed, with the khimar it becomes very easy to discreetly and modestly hide your chest.

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