medina silk hijab

What is medina silk?

Medina silk is a high quality fabric. It is made of synthetic material which gives it a softness and a very pleasant touch. One of the advantages of this hijab is its opacity, except for white of course always a little transparent, and especially its incredible fluidity. This hijab will bring elegance to your everyday outfits or on festive occasions. Medina silk is the favorite material of veiled women because its material is pleasant to wear and to touch.

The Medina silk hijab is a must have in the hijab wardrobe i. It is a light material you can easily tie it as you wish without any worries. This hijab is worn in all seasons . The Medina silk hijab is a must. You can make several styles of hijeb with this veil. You can pair it with any outfit. It is a hijab that goes with everything and anything both at a party, ceremony and during your daily days to go to work or school.


Why Choose Our Medina Silk Hijab?

Chic and modesty , your online store offers a wide choice and colors for the medina silk hijab . We buy and manufacture in Turkey our own collections of hijabs. And that makes all the difference! We select the best quality of fabric , namely Egyptian Medina silk, which is silky, soft and of very good quality . The finish is perfect and of high quality, our hijabs are made in Turkey.

Attention! You will now find pseudo Medina silk hijabs at all costs that have nothing to do with our hijabs. Medina silk that comes from China, for example, is of very average quality, it is much finer, stiffer and much less silky. Unfortunately, there is an abuse concerning the name silk of Medina, shops which sell their dresses or others under the name of silk fabric of Medina when it is false. Our advice? A low price should alert you because quality medina silk fabric costs a certain price and the quality goes with it. Once you see the difference it will become obvious.

Discover all our models on our online store. We offer you Medina silk hijabs of different types; simple, crossed, with integrated cap, to tie, turbans, khimars and ready to wear with this sublime fabric, you will really appreciate. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to colours, we offer almost a hundred different colors and we renew our stocks all year round and each season to offer you ever more trendy colours.

Boxes and case:

We offer you boxes of hijabs in medina silk with accessories, you can consult this category of medina silk box . To offer or treat yourself by taking advantage of a promotional price. You will undoubtedly be happy!

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