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Dress for plus size women

Long dresses for those over 1m70. It is often an obstacle course for tall women . Dresses that are too short and cuts that are not fitted enough, it is still complicated today. That's why we offer you this category of dress for the great Muslim woman. Long dresses adapted to your morphology while being modern.

Chic and modesty offers a category specially dedicated to tall women, measuring between 1m70 and 1m74. A multitude of dresses, plus size abaya, available to show you off. In this range you will find a variety of long Abaya dresses to suit your slender waist, such as shirt dresses , suitable for everyday life, or the Dubai abaya , ideal for all your occasions and parties.

The dress and the abaya is undoubtedly the essential of the ready-to-wear of the Muslim woman.

Find a wide choice of long dresses for all styles, essential for the wardrobe of Muslim women veiled or not: long dresses and wide dresses. Dresses designed in quality fabric and different materials depending on the season. Flared, loose, straight, butterfly, mastour dresses and bohemian dress cuts . Tunic dresses, Dubai dresses and many other styles to discover on our online store of Muslim clothing for women and young women.

The online ready-to-wear store for Muslim women: Dresses and Abayas

Chic and modesty is an online women's ready-to-wear store for Muslim women. Our modest fashion store has become a reference in the sale of dresses and abayas . We offer a wide choice, there is something for all budgets, for all styles and for all morphologies. Simple models for everyday but also modern and chic for your occasions.

Also discover a range of dresses compatible with breastfeeding. Long dresses for those under 1m65 and a category for women over 1m70 . We offer you dresses for all seasons fall, spring, winter and summer. Dresses in all kinds of colors, plain or printed .

Festive dresses for all your occasions with oriental inspiration , chic and modern like our Dubai abayas that Muslim sisters appreciate so much. A category of chic and elegant satin dress . But also interior dresses for your daily life. You can easily redo your entire wardrobe with all the different models that we offer.

Mentalities have changed, Arab dresses or Muslim dresses as some may call them have evolved a lot. Even non-Muslim women these days wear long dresses. Following the development of modest fashion , we can now offer magnificent dresses and abayas of very good quality made in sumptuous fabrics that have nothing to envy to the standard dresses that can be found elsewhere.

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