Abaya wide cut and butterfly dress


The butterfly abaya also called Saudi abaya is a wide and long abaya, with wide sleeves that tighten at the wrist. It is a very practical dress to wear. The butterfly cut abaya comes in several styles with different fabrics depending on the season. It is the cutest cut of all the abayas. Butterfly cut abayas with zip are also available, they are compatible with breastfeeding.

The butterfly dress is one of the most comfortable dresses and can be worn all year round. Butterfly dresses are long and wide , ideal for hiding our shapes while respecting the values of our religion. Its strong point is that it will suit you no matter your morphology.

How to wear my butterfly abaya ?

For a casual look, opt for a good pair of sneakers. For the hijab, the butterfly abaya will go perfectly with all our khimars as well as with our jersey hijabs .

For a more dressy and chic style, we advise you to wear a nice pair of dress shoes, associated with a medina silk hijab , a premium sandy jersey hijab or even a muslin hijab .

To complete your outfit you can wear a long kimono over it or an oversized denim jacket . For spring and summer, choose fluid and light materials.

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