The long coat is trendy and modern. All women love this style of coat. The long coat keeps you warm and covers you perfectly. Trench coats, down jackets and dressy coats, you have the choice to go out well covered in style this winter.

Muslim women are looking for long, wide and loose coats to hide their shapes in style. Discover a selection of long coats for veiled and Muslim women.

Dressy long coats - Muslim ready to wear for women

A range of chic and dressy quality coats for you. We favor wide and ample cuts. Our long dressy coats will bring style and elegance to your outfits while remaining modest. The long dressy coat is worn with all this type of clothing. A chic, elegant and dressy style will go perfectly with one of our long coats. But also by breaking the style which is done a lot in modest fashion. Wearing a long dressy coat with a casual outfit, even jogging, is very popular these days. Let your style speak!

The long down jacket

The down jacket is the perfect coat to face the cold thanks to its quilted lining. We offer you long and shorter cuts up to the knees. Trendy oversized cuts are perfect for tall, slender girls.

The trench coat

The trench coat is perfect for mid-season. We offer you different styles of the trench. Long trench coats, wide or flared cuts. Ideal for Muslim women with developed hips. For sisters who wear jilbab or butterfly cuts, the flared trench will be perfect for you. The long trench can be worn with all styles.

Why order your coat from chic and modesty?

First of all because we select the most suitable cuts and then because shipping and returns are FREE at chic and modesty. You can try on your coat quietly at home by asking your loved ones for advice and if it does not suit you simply have to return it with one click.

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