hijab accessories veiled women are among the complementary things to facilitate the daily life of Muslim women.
Chic and modesty, your online store offers you high-end clips for holding your scarf, made in Turkey, you will immediately see the difference with the usual clips on the market. The pikes are stainless and you have the storage box provided with the end of looking for them everywhere! Discover the Firdous crystal pins box.

Want your hijab to stay in place? We have what you need the anti-hole clips by chic and modesty which also come from Turkey . Our pliers are of superior quality , unlike those that come from China. Those from China have round arms while those from Turkey are flat which ensures optimal support.

We also offer a range of magnetic clips from Turkey, ideal for your events but also for everyday life. Maintains level neck may also to make a brooch effect.

To give volume to the back of your head, we offer satin scrunchies . Satin scrunchies respect your hair and do not break it unlike some elastics, take care of yourself and your hair.

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