Why buy your jilbab at Chic and modesty?

We have decided to stand out from other shops by offering you our own models with the best fabrics because jilbab does not mean that the quality should not be there. You will find our high-end Egyptian medina jilbabs made in Turkey , the fabric is magnificent, hardly creases, it is opaque and very soft. We have also thought of all sizes. Very often offered in one size, it is not suitable for all sizes because we all have a different morhology, you will find a range for XXS, XS, S (in the young girl category and under 1m65) as well as for children.

The jilbab, an outfit for Muslim women

The djilbab is the most covering and practical outfit to wear on a daily basis. Composed of one or two pieces, it is coveted by many Muslim sisters. There are many sites where you can find it and at any price. There is the jilab with skirt or with saroual. Lycra or elastic wrist. All information will be given to you on each product description.

The jilbab is a loose outfit worn for everyday life but also for prayer at the mosque and at home. It is very easy to put on and a headband to tie allows you to adjust to the shape of your head. The jilbab is also the perfect outfit for making your big Hajj pilgrimage , and for making your small Umrah pilgrimage . Indeed the fabric must be light fluid to stir the air and bring freshness and comfort to the veiled woman.

There are several fluid modern materials, appreciated to give a majestic fluid flare, as for the djilbab in silk of medina coming straight from Egypt. Lately the djilbab in jazz has met with great success and for good reason this material is light fluid and does not wrinkle.

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