Jersey Hijab

Hijab jersey, a must: The favorite hijab of our young people

The jersey hijab is one of the favorite hijabs of our young sisters with the medina silk. It is the simplest hijab and the one that holds the best. Active women love it, easy to wear with perfect support on the head, it will accompany you during your sports activities or simply on a daily basis to go shopping to go to work to go to school or also during your travels .

Chic and modesty , your online store offers a wide choice and colors for the jersey hijab . We buy and manufacture in Turkey our own collections of hijabs. And that makes all the difference! We select the best quality of fabric , namely premium jersey and lux soft , which is ultra manageable, soft and of very good quality . The finish is perfect and of high quality, our hijabs are made in Turkey. Our fabric is made of viscose elasthan for a stretch finish that facilitates handling. This hijab is comfortable to wear and we have selected a fabric that is neither too thin nor too thick so that you can wear it all year round.

You will find jersey hijabs at very attractive prices on the market that have nothing to do with our hijabs. But again we favor quality.

Discover all our models on our online store. We offer you jersey hijabs of different types; simple, crossed, with integrated cap, to tie, turbans , balaclavas and caps with this subime fabric, you will really appreciate. You will be spoiled for choice in terms of colors, we offer a multitude of different colors and we renew our stocks all year round and each season to offer you always more trendy colors.

Why choose jersey hijab?

One of the advantages of this hijab is its opacity , except for white of course always a little transparent. It is also appreciated for its elasticity which makes it very easy to handle. This hijab is worn daily for those who love the sport wear, street and casual style. It is also practical for sports.

The Jersey hijab is essential in the dressing room of the hijab i. This hijab is worn in all seasons . You can make several styles of hijeb with this veil. You can match it with all your usual outfits, for those who like to dress chic, however, we recommend the Medina silk hijab or the premium sandy jersey which gives a refined us look.

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