You should know that the turban is not a hijab. But the turban can allow you to hide your hair and it serves many as a transitional accessory before wearing the hijab. Let's not forget the difficulty encountered in the world of work that our sisters encounter, the turban can help some people in this problem. 

There are many styles of turbans . It is intended for all Muslim women or not. It is very often used by working Muslim women who wish to cover their hair. Because of the difficulty encountered in wearing the hijab in the mode of work, they opt for the turban. There are also women who love this very trendy style to wear with loose or hidden hair. We do not forget all the women of all origins who are suffering from cancer and who very often lose their hair, so we offer turbans designed in pleasant fabrics in order to facilitate this very difficult period. Unfortunately after chemo many women lose their hair and your Chic and modesty shop offers you different turbans to improve your daily life as much as possible and to allow you to cover your head while remaining feminine and pretty. You will find ready-to-wear and others to tie. Plain and printed turbans. Discover our creations made in France and Turkey .


Chic and modesty therefore offers you a creative range of high-end turbans made in France and Turkey . Our tie turbans are very practical and allow you to wear it in several ways. You just have to tie the two sides to your liking. Available in medina silk for your dressy and chic outfits, this turban will complete your outfit in style. The jersey lux soft version is ideal for your daily life. Finally, in a limited and unique collection, we offer models in muslin, crepe, suede, faux leather and satin depending on the season. Stand out by choosing our unique creations turbans.


A wide choice also on the cheap turban side, available in viscose and imitation suede . All you have to do is put it on like a hat and then turn the pan around your head as you wish. Our models are crossed on the front. You have tutorials available on the site directly or on our social networks. This type of turban can be worn very well under a hijab as well. Discover all our models and colors in the turban category.


The simplest model is the turban-style beanie . We offer several models always in cotton and viscose fabrics. The pleated turban beanie is one of our very popular models for its practicality and aesthetics due to its pleats which give style and volume. You just have to put it on your head, there is absolutely nothing to do. Available in several colors you have the choice.


For holidays and burkinis, here is one of our creations, the burkini turban. Very practical and aesthetic, you just have to put it on. Front knot already made, you have nothing to do. The back is elastic for more comfort. Burkini material.


You can wear the turban for many events such as for an outing with friends, during the holidays, during a festive evening, to hide hair. There are many reasons for wearing a turban. Today, this fashion accessory is available in several models: in plain colors or with colorful patterns.

For a rather chic and dressy outfit, we recommend turbans to tie in Medina silk and noble materials depending on the season. For your daily life for a more casual style, the tutban to tie in jersey will be perfect but also all the turbans to put on and the turban caps. For winter, choose warm materials such as imitation suede, jersey and models called winter. For spring and summer, those in medina silk, muslin and crepe will be the most suitable for the heat. For all your occasions you will also find suitable models in shiny or matt satin material. The turbans to tie in medina silk and muslin also go very well with your party outfits.

For regulars and those who manage to make turbans with hijabs, we recommend ready-to-tie hijabs which are very practical to wear in a turban version.

Do not hesitate to watch our tutorials to help you even more on our social networks. Our customer service is also at your disposal.

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