A few years ago ready-to-wear for Muslim women was very limited. We had to layer the clothes which was uncomfortable. For a few years now the so-called MODEST FASHION fashion has been in full evolution for our greatest happiness. The Muslim woman today has a huge choice of Muslim clothing. You will find Muslim ready-to-wear for all styles and all budgets. Wide, loose and modern clothes that perfectly combine modesty and fashion.

Ready-to-wear shop for Muslim women:

We have witnessed in recent years a great development of Muslim ready-to-wear clothing stores for women. Your Chic and modesty ready-to-wear store has become a benchmark in the field since 2017. We offer a wide selection of clothing and we are committed to providing you with the best. We are constantly renewing our collections to always offer you more novelties. We also create and manufacture models think for you and innovate to offer unique models. Thousands of reviews from our customers are available on the site.
You will find on our online store dresses, sets, abayas, hijabs, khimars, burkinis, sportswear, skirts, wide pants, jumpsuits and many other items of different sizes and in multiple colors that make your shopping a real pleasure. with one click.
Our online store makes browsing easy and fun to choose your outfits.

Modest fashion ready-to-wear collection: Abaya, dress, ensemble, burkini, hijab, jilbab, skirt, pants and jumpsuit


We are a ready-to-wear shop for Muslim women and who says Islam says hijab and khimar. We are therefore specialized in this field, the hijab in all its forms.

The hijab is an Islamic veil. It is part of the Muslim faith. It is an essential piece of the Muslim woman's wardrobe. You will find all kinds of fabrics adapted to different seasons and morphologies. We offer a multitude of colors for all your outfits. Hijabs with integrated cap , ready to tie , plain or printed.


The dress and the abaya is undoubtedly the essential of the ready-to-wear of the Muslim woman.

Find a wide choice of long dresses for all styles, essential for the wardrobe of Muslim women veiled or not: long dresses and wide dresses. Dresses designed in quality fabric and different materials depending on the season. Flared, loose, straight, butterfly, mastour dresses and bohemian dress cuts . Tunic dresses, Dubai dresses and many other styles to discover on our online store of Muslim clothing for women and young women.


When summer comes, we all want to enjoy the beach. The burkini is a garment that has been designed in terms of material, look or morphology to adapt to a specific need. Chic and modesty offers you unique creations.


Chic and modesty offers you a wide choice of tunic for muslim women . The tunic, a must for the Muslim woman, it is a Muslim garment very appreciated for its length and its practicality. Choose from a selection of tunics for all styles, in different cuts and lengths and in multiple colors, for all sizes and all seasons.

The tunics and shirts offered are trendy and current with various colors and with wide and loose cuts for more modesty and comfort.

We offer long, mid-length and short tunics. Straight, flared, oversize or loose cuts to meet all your expectations according to your morphology and style. The fabrics will be more or less thick depending on the season. The must of summer are the flared or bohemian cuts made in a fluid and light fabric.

Over the years, the oversized shirt has become a must in women's wardrobes. It is suitable for Muslim women thanks to its wide, long and mastourous cut, it can be worn very easily with mum jeans, or wide pants for a totally relaxed look.

Follow our indications and the description of the products to know which size and which fabric to choose.


Chic and modesty, your online store offers a wide selection of modern and trendy modest fashion sets . Discover all our sets that will certainly make you happy, with pants, skirts or dresses, we have something for everyone and for all body types.

Our Mastour sets allow you to create a complete outfit in no time. You can also wear the pieces individually and make all kinds of sets according to your desires. It is the great fashion for flowing and Modest sets because they are perfect for the veiled Muslim woman.


The djilbab is the most covering and practical outfit to wear on a daily basis. Composed of one or two pieces, it is coveted by many Muslim sisters. There are many sites where you can find it and at any price. There is the jilab with skirt or with saroual. Lycra or elastic wrist. All information will be given to you on each product description.

The jilbab is a loose outfit worn for everyday life but also for prayer at the mosque and at home. It is very easy to put on and a headband to tie allows you to adjust to the shape of your head. The jilbab is also the perfect outfit for making your big Hajj pilgrimage , and for making your small Umrah pilgrimage . Indeed the fabric must be light fluid to stir the air and bring freshness and comfort to the veiled woman.

There are several fluid modern materials, appreciated to give a majestic fluid flare, as for the djilbab in silk of medina coming straight from Egypt. Lately the djilbab in jazz has met with great success and for good reason this material is light fluid and does not wrinkle.


Among these modest sportswear clothes we offer long and wide sports dresses very appreciated by Muslim women who want to combine trend and modesty. These casual style dresses are also appreciated by abaya enthusiasts. Just put on a pair of sneakers and you're ready to go. We offer you jogging sets with or without hood, wide pants, butterfly cut, long or mid-length, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets . You will also find the essential of sportswear, it is of course the sweatshirt. Long or mid-length sweatshirts , oversized and loose cuts, with or without a hood.


There are very few offers for our young sisters who also want to dress more and more mastour . Are you between 12 and 16 years old? Or do you measure between 1m50 and 1m58? Your Chic and modesty shop has therefore decided to create items for you , my dear sister. The dresses and jilbabs will be available in three different sizes S, XS and XXS. The SALAM brand has also thought of you and all its sport wear items will be available in these sizes. You can already consult our young girl range.

We invite you to discover all of our collections on our online store. Don't forget we are the only Muslim ready-to-wear store that offers delivery and returns. FREE shipping and returns with no minimum purchase.

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