Wide bodysuit and mastour for Muslim women. It's not easy to find a combination that combines modesty and modernity. Your mastour clothing store has launched its own jumpsuit collection to make sure it is the image we wanted. We therefore offer you the medina silk jumpsuit made in Turkey by Chic and modesty. Wide and ample cut. The fabric is fluid and opaque for a chic and dressed look.

On the sportswear side or for a casual look, you will find jumpsuits designed in a sweatshirt-type cotton fabric. With a pair of basketball it really gives style.

How to wear my jumpsuit?

For a casual style you can wear your jumpsuit with a denim jacket for example or a cardigan. We thought about the wide cut so you don't have to wear a few things with it. Finally, a jersey hijab will be perfect.

For a classy and chic style, we recommend a dress jacket or a long kimono that will go perfectly with it. Complete your outfit with a hijab in medina silk or premium jersey.

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