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Satin Hijab:

The satin hijab is trending right now. Hijab side but also ready to wear. The reason is that nowadays there are magnificent fabrics of very good quality in satin unlike before where this fabric was very slippery and hung everywhere. Chic and modesty offers you a range of high quality satin hijabs. This hijab is perfect for all your occasions but not only, you can wear it everyday for a classy and chic look. Our satin hijabs are opaque and average 190cm long by 75cm. There is the glossy premium hijab which is just beautiful. The fabric is neither thin nor too thick, it is opaque, silky, soft and does not slip or very little and hardly wrinkles. We also have the satin sedef hijab , which is thinner and therefore ideal for spring and summer. Fluid and light fabric, it requires a little ironing before wearing it. Very good quality fabric, it is opaque except for the white. Finally, we offer a model ready to tie with a slightly pleated satin fabric. With this model it will be very easy to wear it in several ways.

Chic and modesty , your online store offers a wide choice of colors for the satin hijab .

Discover all our models on our online store. We offer you satin hijabs of different types; simple, crossed, with integrated bonnet, to tie and turbans . You will be spoiled for choice in terms of colors, we offer a multitude of different colors and we renew our stocks all year round and each season to offer you always more trendy colors.

Why choose satin hijab?

The satin hijab is essential in the dressing room of the hijab i for the occasions. This hijab can be worn on all your occasions, evenings, weddings, eid parties and for your outings. You can make several styles of hijeb with this veil. You can match it with all your traditional outfits caftan, takchita, oriental dresses, karakou...etc But also with beautiful evening dresses and abayas from Dubai. It will go perfectly with all your dressy and chic outfits.

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