Abaya puff sleeves

Abaya puff sleeves

The puff sleeve abaya dress is the big trend of the moment. We love its wide and puffy sleeves which bring a lot of style while being modest. The balloon-sleeved abaya dress is wide, ample and often flared. Its strong point is that the puff sleeve dress is suitable for all body types and hides our shapes perfectly. It will also be very practical for pregnant women. The abaya with puffed sleeves can be worn all year round. We offer a wide choice of fabrics and colors.

What should I wear my puff sleeve dress with?

The puff sleeve abayas can be worn with different styles. For a casual, casual style you can wear it with sneakers and to complete your outfit a jersey hijab or a khimar. You will be really comfortable throughout your day.

For a more dressy style choose dress shoes with a beautiful medina silk hijab or a double veil khimar . This dress allows you to remain trendy with modesty.

Why buy your puff sleeve abaya on Chic and modesty?

We have a wide selection of dresses in all styles and the balloon sleeve abaya dress is one of our favourites. You will certainly find in our shop your ideal abaya in your size and your taste.

Shipping and returns are free, enjoy.

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