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Abaya Dubai - chic muslim women dresses

The Dubai abaya is a traditional garment covering the body with style and modernity. It is a chic garment that comes from the Middle Eastern culture worn by women from Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia who mainly wear abayas with a matching hijab.

A vast choice at Chic and modesty. There are all kinds of Abaya classic cut, flared cut, butterfly cut, black or colored, with or without pearls, with beautiful embroidery and in all styles. Nowadays women from all countries love and appreciate these magnificent Dubai dresses for all their occasions because it is the best outfit to combine modesty and elegance.

For which occasions to wear an abaya?

Muslim occasions and festivals are not lacking weddings, engagements, births, circumcisions, the month of Ramadan and of course our two religious festivals.

How to wear the Dubai abaya?

The great advantage of Dubai abayas is that they are sold with their matching hijab, which makes things easier. But you can very well wear it with a Medina silk hijab that will add character to your outfit as well as one of our party hijabs such as satin. We also offer sleeveless dresses which are very practical to put under your abaya.

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