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Khimar pointy jazz dark green

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Magnificent 120cm long khimar in jazz. Several colors available . Made in Turkey.

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Khimar Jazz long pointed:

Chic and modesty offers you in its range of khimar this model in jazz. Made in Turkey which makes all the difference because the quality and finish of the seams is of very good quality unlike other khimars found on the market with threads and seams that leave something to be desired. At Chic and modesty we want above all to offer quality. Light and fluid fabric, this fabric is really ideal, it hardly wrinkles. It does not slip and is very comfortable to wear, moreover it perfectly fits all face shapes. Length 120cm and neck width 25cm.

Pretty, very long fall for perfect coverage of the shapes, ideal for Muslim and modest women. The khimar perfectly covers the chest. The khimar is the hijab covering it and it is very practical and simple to wear for the day to day. The khimar is also very coveted to go to the mosque, during the pilgrimage, the umrah and for prayers.

It slips on, ties inside or outside and according to your desires, without clamps or pins. In addition, it does not require headbands or other under hijabs.

How do I maintain my Khimar?

Machine wash up to 30 degrees maximum. This fabric hardly wrinkles. You can iron it on the reverse with a soft iron.

Made in Turkey.


5% elastane

What should I wear my Khimar with?

We offer a wide choice of dresses and abayas that will be perfect to wear with your khimar.