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Black zip burkini

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New long hijab burkini model 2024. Even more fluid fabric and dries more quickly! Opaque, light, pleasant to wear. High collar tunic with zip and straight pants.

This model is made up of 5 parts:

  • A tunic with a high zip collar.
  • Straight cut pants.
  • A bra.
  • A ready-to-tie hijab.
  • A sports hijab to tie.

Available in petrol, chocolate, black, blue, gray and dark khaki. It is imperative to consult the conditions of use in the description.

The model is 1m70 tall and wears S/M.

Taille: XL/XXL
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This year, we took your recommendations into account compared to our previous models. We have therefore made several modifications to this new burkini model so that it is best suited to your needs.

The quality of the fabric is superior. It dries faster and sticks less. To avoid any exaggeration or dull color, we opted for a half matte, half shiny fabric.

There are always the ties between the top and the bottom, so the burkini will not ride up when you swim.

We offer you this zip model. This model is narrower than the others, we think of all styles. The burkini with zip also made people happy. The zip with high collar is practical, trendy and can be very useful for breastfeeding women.

This model is made up of 5 parts:

  • A tunic: with tone-on-tone high zip collar, ideal for breastfeeding women. False wallet effect, the legs will be well covered.
  • Straight cut pants: a little wider so that they don't stick to the skin. It is equipped with a tightening link.
  • A bra: which will allow you to maintain optimum support for your chest.
  • A ready-to-tie hijab: this is the same model as the one we usually sell but in burkini fabric, so the support is optimal.
  • A sports hijab to tie: identical to the one we normally sell, but in burkini fabric.

You should not sit on rough pool edges or rocks. Do not rub your forearms on the edges and rocks as well, otherwise you will damage the fabric and it will pill. To have a burkini that does not stick much and dries quickly we must use this type of fabric but it is fragile to friction, it is not the same fabric as standard swimsuits which stick and take a very long time to dry. . Please respect these conditions of use.

Size guide :

The model is 1m70 tall and wears S/M for a good usual 38.

Available in:

  • S/M corresponds to a 36/38.
  • M/L corresponds to a 38/40.
  • L/XL corresponds to a 42/44.
  • XL/XXL corresponds to a 44.


Measuring area S/M M/L L/XL XL/XXL
Chest size 96 102 108 114
Trouser waistline 56 66 70 76
Tunic length 94 96 98 98
Pant length 101 101 102 102
Hip circumference 88 94 96 106
Thigh Circumference 54 58 62 64

Interview :

  • Machine wash 30 degrees maximum.
  • Do not wash with clinging clothes.
  • Do not put in the dryer, it dries quickly.

Please note that swimsuit fabrics should not be rubbed against rough surfaces (grippy pool edge, etc.) at the risk of snagging the fabric and damaging it.


  • Made in the PRC.

But what is the burkini?

Burkini is an invented word made up of the first syllable of burka and the last two syllables of bikini . Intended for Muslim women wishing to bathe in a “modest” outfit, it was designed in 2004 by Australian designer of Lebanese origin Aheda Zanetti.

It is therefore a covering swimsuit , also called Islamic swimsuit which generally covers the entire body.

The burkini allows us to preserve our modesty but it also protects us from the sun's rays which are very dangerous for the skin, a major campaign on skin cancer following exposure to the sun is proof of this. Women with skin problems and wishing to protect themselves from the rays can also wear this covering swimsuit without necessarily being Muslim.

Why buy my burkini from Chic and Modesty?

First of all, almost all of our models are unique creations . We have therefore thought of the best cuts which perfectly combine modesty and modernity , for Muslim women. The first burkinis offered in stores were really ugly to be honest. The fabrics were not suitable, they either stuck or swelled when swimming. Your hijab burkini store offers you modern and trendy models while respecting modesty. We select fluid, opaque fabric that does not stick and dries quickly .

Long burkini model:

For several years now this modern long burkini model has been a real hit on Chic and Modesty. Consisting of a tunic dress, swim leggings and a hijab. To wear with a belt or without. This model is perfect for girls who like to wear long dresses and tunics every day. You will find hundreds of reviews from our customers who really liked this model.

Palazzo burkini model:

The best seller, the palazzo burkini. Composed of a wide tunic, loose swim pants and a swim hijab . This model is ultra modern, you won't even see that it's a swimsuit, it's so beautiful that it looks like a large, mastour summer outfit. Attachment links are provided to prevent the tunic from riding up.

Zip burkini model:

This model is narrower than the others, we think of all styles. The burkini with zip also made people happy. The zip with high collar is practical, trendy and can be very useful for breastfeeding women. This burkini is made up of a mid-length tunic with zip closure and wrap cut. Straight cut swim pants and a swim hijab.

Other models are added every year so enjoy your holidays and your family with our burkinis which will allow you to bathe in modesty.

We also have burkini bath turbans for those who wish.


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